Who Knows Best?

We always seem to think we know best.

It was cool Autumn night. I was seated in the stands watching a high school football game. I was serving as an administrator at the school and to my disappointment, we were losing badly. A parent seated next to me began to scream at the top of his lungs, “throw the ball, throw the ball!” Then he shouted out, “somebody fire this coach!” Harsh words. I was offended because I know and have great deal of respect for the coach. But I had to sit there and just listen, it wasn’t my place to respond. But for a moment I wished I could have temporarily put the angry parent in the coach’s shoes. Then he would have understood the reason why they didn’t throw the ball. An injured starting quarterback and other key players being out.

The parent’s position was a position of ignorance. Unfortunately this is a position that I am all too familiar with. I remember how harsh I was with referees when I was a coach. I questioned every call that didn’t go my team’s way and constantly accused the referees that I dealt with of either cheating or being incompetent. It wasn’t until I had to play the role of the referee that I truly understood what referees go through. I was no longer

Now back to the angry parent. Imagine if instead of complaining he took some time to help support the team. Maybe volunteer to coach or find a way to get involved. This would give him a different perspective on the team and the coaches. He may start to work closely with the team and still strongly disagree with the coach but at least he wouldn’t be doing so from a position of ignorance.

I know I have a tendency to bring everything back to the root sin of pride but it definitely fits. We always believe we know best until we truly submit to Christ and humble ourselves.

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